How to Create a Custom Laundry Room

Having a separate laundry room space can seem like such a luxury! A space, finally, for all the dirty clothes to get corralled, that is away from the prying eyes of friends or neighbors. So, when it comes to designing storage for your custom laundry room area, it's important to consider what is best for you and your family.

For instance, if you have teenagers in sports or messy outdoor activities, you may want a utility sink for soaking uniforms with grass or mud stains. However, if you're a corporate exec you may want instead space for ironing clothes or hanging those that need steaming.

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Consider some of the following ideas:

  • Counter space for folding clothes and sorting them.
  • An ironing board that folds down from the wall.
  • Hanging space for non-dryer items or items that need to be steamed.
  • Storage space for laundry items, extra pantry goods, sports equipment, etc.
  • Obviously room for the washer and dryer!

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Accent Wall Inspiration Ideas for your Custom Home

Interior design is one of the most exciting, and also sometimes difficult, parts of planning your new custom home. From countertop decisions to paint colors and fixtures, it can all seem overwhelming!

Take a breath, though, and remember that you're not in this alone! Get some inspiration with these fun accent wall inspiration ideas for your custom home.


Wallpaper is making a comeback in a big way and you can use a small amount of it to make a big impact on an accent wall.


Try a bold pattern, like the one above, or a delicate floral print for a guest room or mother-in-law suite.


Wood also makes a good option for creating an understated accent wall, like the one below. For a bolder look you can certainly add in the warmth of wood as in the bottom photo too.

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Finally, good old fashioned PAINT can create an amazing accent wall for, or create a fun creative space for the kids!

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Adding Custom Storage to Your New Home

Designing a new home is a great time to add custom storage! For each family, storage is different. Some families will need more storage for outdoor gear, while others might need storage for craft projects or baking projects. Still, when you begin designing your custom home, talk to your builder and designer about adding custom storage to your new home.

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Your kitchen is a great place to start with custom storage. Consider how YOU use your kitchen. Think about the appliances you use on a daily basis, the tools for cooking (or storing!), and how much you have to store. Then conside not only cabinets or wide deep drawers, but also pantry space designed to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Next, custom closet storage is one more benefit of designing a custom home. Your closet space can then also be designed around your needs, whether that's shoe space, hobby space, hat space, etc. Perhaps you prefer drawers to hanging space or shelves to eithe of those! All of that can be considered while your home is being built, so that once you move in it's ready to go!

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Finally, don't forget about that garage space! Adding custom storage for bikes, skis, golf clubs, and all your camping gear is imperative!  That's half the fun of having a garage, right? The space to store, neatly, all of your gear and garden tools. Consider peg boards, specialized bike racks and ski racks, and of course tool benches and boxes for all you other gear.


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Exterior Home Trends for 2023

As we (finally) head into spring and construction gets into full swing, let's discuss some exterior home trends for 2023. While interior trends are more often discussed, it's the exterior features that people will see first.

Natural Barriers

Here in the desert we need vegetation to help hold the dirt down! Seriously, adding desert-appropriate plants to form barriers around your home, as opposed to standard fencing, can be not only beneficial, but beautiful! Rows of fast-growing bush roses, Korean boxwoods, or even Russian Sage and Lavender can make excellent border rows.

exterior home trends

Similarly, another exterior trend for 2023 is natural landscaping. Xeriscaping is becoming more and more popular in the west and we try to limit our water usage. There are gorgeous flowering perennials and annuals that tolerate desert heat and need little water to thrive. From bulbs like irises and tulips to forsythia, lilacs, sunflowers, and so much more. You can still have a beautiful, and natural yard without adding much grass.

Next, consider color, exterior home features, and mixing materials.


First, the home above added a great blue accent color for their shutters, doors, etc. This color sets the home apart and really makes it one-of-a-kind!

Next, the shutters themselves are an important feature and help to break up big sections of wall space.  Be sure to consider features like shutters, gutters, rain catchers, and garage doors as ways to change up the look of your home and make it stand out.

Finally, a mix of materials (above stone, cedar shingles, stucco) adds a depth and richness to a home.  Incorporating a variety of hues and textures is a way to set your home apart while also creating something that will last.

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Landscaping your custom home

As I'm writing this it's snowing and the wind is gusting to 40 mph. So, instead of dwelling on the snow squall, let's instead discuss landscaping your custom home. 

First, how you choose to landscape your home will be contingent on how much effort and work you want to put into your yard. If you're an avid gardener your yard will look completely different from the yard of someone more interested in a "lock and leave" environment.


In the west, xeriscaping is often used in home landscaping designs. These gardens use little water, which means they're perfect for an arid environment like ours!  Still, even with this type of design you can find all sorts of plants and unique "looks" for your home. Some plants to consider: roses do surprisingly well here and come back year after year as does Russian Sage, Lilacs, Snowball Bushes, Forsythia, and Lavender.

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Stone and pathways

Your landscaping isn't just plants. It's also the othe elements in your yard, from pathways to water features or raised garden beds. Choose options that compliment your house and consider this when selecting colored rocks or stones for pathways.

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Finally, don't forget the grass! Even a xeriscaped yard can have patches of grass. The grass can be a great place for the kids and the dog, but it also helps to keep your yard cooler.  As long as it's on a sprinkler system and is just one part of a larger landscape idea, you can still feel confident about having some grass.


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