October Project Updates

We've finished up our project replacing stairs at the Grand Junction Convention Center this week! We're pleased with how these turned out and we're enjoying our recent series of projects with the city!

GJ Stairs


Also, in Delta at the Sheriff Office Remodel, the guys have been busy preparing the new parking lot, hanging drywall, and installing the brick to the lobby walls. 


Delta Brick


Benefits of Planned Outdoor Space in your Commercial Construction Project

When designing your new commercial building project, it's important to consider every aspect of design from energy efficiency to employee satisfaction and comfort. One area of commercial construction designs that has become increasingly important since the COVID pandemic is designing welcoming outdoor spaces for employees.

urban 2569550 1280

Why outdoor space?

While working from home during the height of the pandemic many employees had more access to sunshine and outdoor spaces than they do in a typical office setting. In order to meet emerging employee needs, adding this type of space in your office building is crucial. Let's not forget the added benefits of vitamin D, stress relief and endorphin boosts that can come with spending time in nature!

Types of Planned Outdoor Space to Consider

Rooftop gardens or workspaces are a great way to find outdoor space in the middle of a city.  Shade structures, covered areas in case of rain, and plentiful seating and greenery can make your employees feel at ease.

Sunrooms or solariums  are a great way to stay enclosed but provide that feeling of warmth, and a "conservatory" like feeling.  Filled with live plants and discreet, beautiful privacy screens, employees will feel comfortable taking a private call or brainstorming their next creative project here.

Courtyards are an excellent way to use space that is already available between buildings or off of alleyways.

Additions to consider

Be sure your outdoor space is WI-FI enabled and that the technology works well in the outdoor space.

If appropriate, set quiet hours for your outdoor spaces so that large meetings or casual gatherings don't interrupt others' workdays.

Water features will provide a peaceful backdrop and may bring birds to your outdoor space.

Live plants and foliage can also contribute not only to the beauty of your space but also to the natural world by providing pollen for bees and insects too.

entrance 299761 1280

If you're ready to talk more about a commercial remodel and how to incorporate planned outdoor space in your commercial construction project, contact us.



Remodeling Commercial Office Space

Remodeling your office space is a project worth the time and investment. Many business owners do this because they want their office space to feel sophistocated and more appealing to customers. If you need some guidance on how to create a fresh look for your office space, you have come to the right place! These are some reasons why remolding commercial office space is a good idea.


Attract Customers

First impressions are everything. New clients can tell when businesses try to make their offices look beautiful and professional. Walking into an office with good style gives the customer the belief that they are at a company that cares about its reputation. 

Help With Competition

If there are businesses around like yours, making those changes sets you apart. Not every enterprise prioritizes revamping their office’s look. So, what better time than now to begin the remodeling journey that distinguishes you from the competition?

Create An Enjoyable Work Environment

You will be spending a lot of time in your office. Why not make it the office of your dreams, where you and your employees enjoy coming to a creative/calm/focused/productive atmosphere. A wonderful ambiance to work in enhances productivity and satisfaction for you and your employees. 


Structural Changes:

To go beyond a fresh coat of paint and new décor, there is the option of doing structural changes. These adjustments can enhance efficiency and functionality in the office environment.

break room lounge 4428015 1280

  • A Coxy Kitchenette: A staff kitchenette does not have to be fancy. However, having a designated place for staff to enjoy their breaks is a thoughtful gesture. Providing these amenities communicates that you value your team’s well-being. 

  • Adding an Extra Bathroom: It is convenient and provides more flexibility for office expansion. If you plan on hiring more employees, they will be happy to know that there is more than one bathroom, even in a small office space.

  • Converting One Room into Two: If you are unsure what the best strategy to utilize an empty large room is, why not turn it into two? This way, you can have a closed conference room for meetings and the other space used for a breakroom or private office. 

  • Soundproof Strategy: This can be done by purchasing autistic panels. These panels have sound-absorbing technology, perfect for eliminating distractions.

  • Renewable Energy: A popular option to implement would be adding solar panels to generate sun and power your office. Solar can also heat the building.


Bonus: Tips for Remodeling 

First, there are a few steps to add to the list of changes that can make the space stand out. 

Hire a Designer

Having a professional eye assisting in such an important project is always a good idea. Since you are investing in your business, it is worth paying someone who can help make those critical design decisions. They can also help create a budget to ensure what updates must be included in the remodeling process. 

Blue walls in office

A Splash of New Paint

Instead of the same old white walls, try a fun new color! It can be bold or straightforward; just go with your style preference. If you are hesitant to try color, pick a neutral color and one daring option as an accent wall. Having a fresh coat of paint can lighten the mood of your office and cultivate an inviting area for clients to enjoy. 

Update Light Fixtures

Replacing those old lights with modern ones can bring in more light that goes with your theme. These small changes make massive differences in the overall appearance. If you choose LED light bulbs, the cost to keep them off will be less. 

Buy Comfortable and Trendy Furniture

Before settling on any purchases, contemplate the style that appeals to your vision and fits into the office’s overarching theme. You can choose a simple neutral shade for a couch and add colorful pillows for some flair. Consider what size and how many necessary furniture pieces will fit into the office space. We want the freedom to have a nice flow and not be boxy.


If you're ready to consider a remodel of your office and need the help of a general contractor, contact us!

September Project Updates

Here's what's happening with our Western Colorado commercial building projects!


We've got an interesting project happening in Carbondale right now. This is a project for the Waste Water Treatment facility. We are working with an HVAC company to improve the HVAC system which requires additional penetrations into the building like the ones in the photo above.

Drywall is going up at our Pitkin County Senior Center remodel!

Pitkin county 0915.jpeg

Our Delta Sheriff's Office Project is moving right along! 


The new Sheriff’s office has framing up and this photo is of the new lobby area, which is ready for the brick to be installed. We're excited to be a part of renovating this Delta Library into a new and modern office building!



Best Commercial Office Paint Colors

We're having a blast with a few remodeling projects on the Western Slope! Not only are we remodeling the old Delta Library for the Sheriff's Office to use, but we're also remodeling the Pitkin County Senior Center to make the space there more usable for everyone. Read more about those projects here.

Remodeling an office space comes with the added benefit of a new interior design as well. The colors you choose to use in this newly remodeled space can have a huge impact on the productivity and mood of your staff. Read on to learn more about the best commercial office paint colors for your new space!

Blue - Blue is considered a stimulating color, in all its shades. Because of this, it's thought that having blue walls in your office space can lead to higher productivity. This is especially true in situations where employees are performing repetative work.

Blue walls in office

Yellow - is a great color for creative industries. It can create a happy environment that "lifts spirits" and gets the imagination and creative juices flowing! Don't go overboard, but pops of color like shown below are a great start.

yellow office 190819

Green - Green walls in an office offer calm and reassurance. This is why it is often a good choice for financial industries or other high-stress environments.

office space 1

Using a combination of colors, like seen above, gives you the opportunity to guide your employees to shine in several areas!


Finally, if you need to amp up the energy, try a pop of orange!

landscape 1444770800 shades of orange

If you're considering remodeling your commercial office space, contact us! We'd love to help.

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