Planning for your Custom Home

If you know a custom home is in your future, but you aren't sure when, there are still things you can do to get a jump start on the home planning process.

Gather Ideas

Using Houzz, Pinterest, or your favorite design magazines, start gathering and saving ideas now for your home. These can range from exterior home styles that you like to bathroom tiles and more. This will give an interior designer a better understanding of your style. Even if you choose not to use a designer, having all of these images will give YOU a plan too. You'll most likely notice patterns emerging in your choices as far as colors you like, flooring styles, and even light fixtures.

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know your budget

Before you get too far in your planning, be aware of your budget. This may mean sitting down with your financial advisors or mortgage brokers. Then again, it may also just mean a conversation with your spouse! In any case, being aware of how much you can spend will give you some boundaries on size, style, and even location.

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Make Lists

Make your "must haves" list but also make a "don't want" list and a "wish list." This way you and your contractor will know exactly what you want, what you DON'T and what you'd like to have if there is room in the budget. For instance, your "must have" list might include a pot filler near the stove and a large vent over the stove. Your "don't wants" might include sky lights or granite countertops...and a "wish" item could be anything from an extra large closet to heated floors!

Catalog Everything and Plan for Storage

By taking stock of everything (furniture at least) that you have, you can start planning where all that furniture would go in a new house. Take measurements of your current rooms.  Imagine the rooms you'd like to add and what those will need to hold. Plan for storage - do you need storage for specific items like bikes or skis? What about crafts? The more you can put into thinking about and planning for all of these things now, the easier your home building journey will be!

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