Small touches make a big difference in your custom home

Often, when thinking about designing a custom home, the big items get the focus: flooring, countertops,  and paint, for example.  They're impressive pieces of the whole puzzle for sure, and ones you want to get right for your home. However, small touches can also make a big difference in your custom home. Consider the following.


Lighting says so much about the personality of your home. From massive chandeliers to track lighting and dimmers, there are endless ways to set your home apart using lighting.  You aren't even limited to installed light fixtures; lamps of all varieties can add whimsy or sophistication to a room too.

small touches make a big difference in your custom home


Next, the picture above illustrates both lighting and our second point: fixtures.

Whether for your master bath or kitchen, the style of faucets you choose will be more important than you think. You'll see these every day! They should be items that are not only functional for you, but are something beautiful that you enjoy seeing on a daily basis.


One of the best impressions your home gets to make is with its front door. Don't let this item get put on the back of your to-do list. Much has to be considered when choosing the door, from color to how much glass it has, to its overall style and material.

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