2023 Home Trends

Each year designers create their lists of home trends for the upcoming year and we love to see what they're saying! Of course when it come to your new home, your style will be the biggest influence on its design and decor. However, by examining these 2023 Home Trends, you may see some new ideas and get inspired!

Luxe Living

If the pandemic taught us anything, it's that our homes need to be our castles. One way to do that is by surrounding ourselves with "luxe" items even if they don't cost it!  Shopping at quality consignment stores or even stores like Tuesday Morning can help you snag some "luxe" lighting fixtures that will add style and function to your home. Also, don't forget about "splurging" with a special tile backsplash or large hood vent. By saving money in some areas you can have "luxe" fixtures without breaking the bank.Beautiful classic kitchen design with grey island jean stoffer design e1633643798417

Bold Colors

Bold doesn't necessarily mean bright, but rather, different. As in: you made a bold choice with that color! However, by adding accent colors that are maybe bolder, brighter, or just "different" can create focal points in your home and will set your space apart from everyone else's.

Classic bathroom with dark vanity brass accents and wood wall treatment molding

Closed / Separate Spaces

Thought it's doubtful that open floor plans are going anywhere anytime soon, there is a return, for some, to more "separate" spaces. With more people now choosing to work from home, the need for separation has grown. So creating spaces that can be separate but yet that also flow with the home is crucial.

Natural Wood and Stone

arch digest kerry washington rh entryway 600x900

Natural wood and stone features, plus textures in general, are adding to the luxurious and, frankly, cozy feel of homes these days. However you do it: with side tables, area rugs, accent pieces, etc., adding natural stone and wood to your home is going to give it a truly comforting and cozy feel.

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