Landscaping your custom home

As I'm writing this it's snowing and the wind is gusting to 40 mph. So, instead of dwelling on the snow squall, let's instead discuss landscaping your custom home. 

First, how you choose to landscape your home will be contingent on how much effort and work you want to put into your yard. If you're an avid gardener your yard will look completely different from the yard of someone more interested in a "lock and leave" environment.


In the west, xeriscaping is often used in home landscaping designs. These gardens use little water, which means they're perfect for an arid environment like ours!  Still, even with this type of design you can find all sorts of plants and unique "looks" for your home. Some plants to consider: roses do surprisingly well here and come back year after year as does Russian Sage, Lilacs, Snowball Bushes, Forsythia, and Lavender.

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Stone and pathways

Your landscaping isn't just plants. It's also the othe elements in your yard, from pathways to water features or raised garden beds. Choose options that compliment your house and consider this when selecting colored rocks or stones for pathways.

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Finally, don't forget the grass! Even a xeriscaped yard can have patches of grass. The grass can be a great place for the kids and the dog, but it also helps to keep your yard cooler.  As long as it's on a sprinkler system and is just one part of a larger landscape idea, you can still feel confident about having some grass.


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