Adding Custom Storage to Your New Home

Designing a new home is a great time to add custom storage! For each family, storage is different. Some families will need more storage for outdoor gear, while others might need storage for craft projects or baking projects. Still, when you begin designing your custom home, talk to your builder and designer about adding custom storage to your new home.

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Your kitchen is a great place to start with custom storage. Consider how YOU use your kitchen. Think about the appliances you use on a daily basis, the tools for cooking (or storing!), and how much you have to store. Then conside not only cabinets or wide deep drawers, but also pantry space designed to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Next, custom closet storage is one more benefit of designing a custom home. Your closet space can then also be designed around your needs, whether that's shoe space, hobby space, hat space, etc. Perhaps you prefer drawers to hanging space or shelves to eithe of those! All of that can be considered while your home is being built, so that once you move in it's ready to go!

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Finally, don't forget about that garage space! Adding custom storage for bikes, skis, golf clubs, and all your camping gear is imperative!  That's half the fun of having a garage, right? The space to store, neatly, all of your gear and garden tools. Consider peg boards, specialized bike racks and ski racks, and of course tool benches and boxes for all you other gear.


If you're ready to consider a custom home, contact us! We'd love to help.

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