Four Kitchen Countertop Options

A huge part of your custom home's kitchen is the countertop choice you make. There are so many options out there, even once you narrow it down to a particular material.  The decision will come down to price, personal preference, and perhaps maintenance. 

Granite is a standard choice.  It's  a natural stone that can be found in a variety of styles and colors, and no two slabs are alike. This means that no matter what, your countertop will be unique! Granite is durable and can increase your home value as it's seen as a premium product. However, granite does require periodic sealing because it is porous. It is also pricier than some other options. 

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Marble is a natural and beautiful option that isn't used as often as granite. Like granite, it can be obtained as a solid slab, which means you won't have seams showing in your countertop. Unfortunately marble is very porous and has to be sealed frequently. It is also easily scratched, so if you use it in your kitchen you'll need to be careful to use cutting boards as well. 

Soapstone is a unique choice. It isn't as common and therefore can be quite the conversation piece for your kitchen. Soapstone is different from marble and granite in look and feel. It will provide you kitchen with a warm tone and is often considered to have an "antique" look due to the amount of talc in the stone.  Soapstone is not as porous as some other stones. It is easy to clean and resists stains.  However, you'll be limited to gray and white tones with this one. 

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Finally, if you're looking for a less expensive option, solid surface is still a great choice.  It is less expensive than the options listed above and resembles granite and marble in look and feel. It comes in a huge variety of styles and colors. Because it is synthetic you can even shape it to incorporate your sink. This means no seams, no overhangs, between your sink and countertop!  It is easy to buff scratches out of solid surface countertops too. However, because of the popularlity of granite, solid surface can sometimes be seen as a "lesser" quality product. 

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