Five Tips for Designing a Custom Laundry Room

When it comes to designing your custom home don't forget about those necessary but often not seen spaces like your laundry room. The laundry room is used practically every day in some homes, and it might as well be a place that is enjoyable and peaceful. 

When working with an architect or contractor on the floorplan of your home, consider where you'd like your laundry room to be. There are several considerations that might factor into your decision.  For instance, if you're sensitve to noise you might not want your laundry room close to the bedrooms. If you enjoy being able to do laundry while still hanging out with your family, having that area near the kitchen might be a great option. 

Your designer will also ask you to consider practical elements - like where existing plumbing is located. If you're building from the ground up this isn't such a big factor, but it's still easier to group items that require plumbing close together!  Speaking of, if you have the space for it, consider adding a sink to your laundry room. You'll be able to clean shoes, rinse out stains, etc. Having a utility sink comes in handy for lots of reasons, not just laundry! 


Consider adding counter space. Counter space will allow you room to fold clothes, work on stains, separate items, and have some counter storage too. 

Then, consider closed storage as well. Having room to store, well, anything, in this space is a bonus. You can store extra pantry goods here, paper goods, of course your laundry detergents too. Closed storage is also more pleasing to the eye if your laundry room is in a space others might see. 

Finally, make the space your own! A laundry room doesn't have to be boring! Add color to the walls, fun art, and a flooring that you love.  This not only makes the space look prettier, it makes it much more enjoyable for you to be in too! 

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