New Design Trends for your Custom Home

It's no surprise that the pandemic and work from home periods have led to new design trends for your custom home. Each year new trends emerge and the past year or so has been no different. The trends, however, can very much be traced back to the past year's extra time spent at home. 

First, dedicated activity spaces are definitely trending right now. All of our floorplans for The Peaks at Redlands Mesa include dedicated office space, but this trend goes far beyond that. Consider dedicated art studios, home theaters, gyms, etc. Pricing to add these dedicated spaces can vary greatly, depending on the type of dedicated space you want to add. 

Next, getting back to nature is popular. The use of greens, for painting or even tile work, has increased this year as many look for ways to "get back to nature" in their homes. Adding more natural light and places for house plants to thrive is one way to achieve this result. It may be as simple as changing the window coverings you have or it could be more complicated, like adding a few extra windows. In any case, bringing the outside in is trending!

New Home design trends

Updated living rooms are popular too. After spending so much time in our living spaces over the past year, it's easy to see why.  Many of us realize we need new sofas, updated area rugs, and perhaps a complete change in design! This pandemic has given us all a chance to evaluate our living spaces and see how we truly use them.  For instance, we got rid of our coffee table all together in order to have more floor space for yoga and playing with our pets. 

Flexible designs are another way to add "extras" to your home without spending a ton of money.  Having a way to turn your guest room into an office space and back into a guest room easily makes for a more versatile space.  Adding a futon to your office space can be another way to accomplish this.  Creating a playroom/breakfast nook with hidden storage for toys can be a great way to do this too. 

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Finally, many homeowners are opting for luxury. Being at home more means you're imersed in all your "things" more often. Shouldn't they be things you love, things that make you feel cozy or relaxed or happy? Or all three! Opting to add a few luxury finishes, whether that's your bathroom tile, your kitchen sink, or the cashmere throw on your sofa, feels like you're opting to truly pamper yourself. In the end, making your home a place you LOVE being is one trend that should never go away! 

If you're ready to discuss a custom home, call us! We'd love to help! 


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