Is a Gas Fireplace Right For You?

There are so many advantages to building a custom home. The biggest, of course, is that it's CUSTOMIZED for you and your family. Among the many options and design features to consider is a gas fireplace.  Here in Western Colorado where the temperatures stay relatively mild for much of the year, a gas fireplace has many benefits. 


1. Gas fireplaces are easy to operate. You can simply flip a switch to get heat going in the morning to take off the chill without turning on the heating system for the entire house. Many even have blowers that help circulate heat throughout your home. Since we can have low morning temps and 70-degree afternoons, a gas fireplace is a great option for just cutting the morning the chill. 

2. Gas fireplaces are clean. If you're comparing a gas fireplace to a wood-burning fireplace, there's no question that a gas fireplace is the cleaner option. Since we often have days where wood-burning fireplaces can't be used (unless they're your only source of heat) due to air quality issues, a gas fireplace makes sense. Plus there are no ashes and no need for a chimney sweep.

Living3 Is a Gas Fireplace Right for you?

3. Gas fireplaces are safer for your pets and kids. Since you aren't using wood there are no random sparks or pops coming from your fire. This means kids and dogs, who love basking in the warmth of a fire, won't accidentally get singed by a rogue spark. 

4. Gas fireplaces are more convenient. There's no having to haul or chop wood, no need to go outside when it's freezing to get more wood, and no harming the environment by chopping down a tree unnecessarily. 

5. Finally, gas fireplaces are stylish! There are so many designs now that can be incorporated into just about any style home. From modern to farmhouse we can find a great gas fireplace to fit your family's needs. 

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