Best Colors for a Restful Bedroom

When designing your custom home one of the choices you'll get to make is the color of your bedroom walls. There are some colors that, according to psychologists, can create a calming effect.  For a good night's sleep, these are the best colors to use. 

Blue/Green hues seem to evoke a sense of calm for most people. In fact in some studies blue was shown to actually reduce heart rates. However, everyone is different and you'll need to find colors that soothe you.  

One example of a blue/green color that will provide that calming effect is Sherwin William's Hazel.  While mostly lighter greens and blues are the best for aiding in sleep, you can choose darker colors if those work better for you and your style.

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There are some colors that interior designers and pyschologists say you should avoid if you're working to create a more soothing bedroom space. Vivid colors like reds and oranges tend to make your brain think about intensity and war.  Those aren't exactly the thoughts anyone needs when trying to go to sleep!

According to this Apartment Therapy article, "... bright or neon pinks and purples may also be too stimulating when you’re winding down for sleep. And while dark grays and browns might feel earthy at first, Peacock says they can evoke feelings of uncertainty that may make sleep difficult. Listen to your body’s cues — if you’re set on creating a jewel-box space in your bedroom, you can always paint it over if you find that it doesn’t work."

If blues and greens really aren't your thing, then consider neutrals. There's absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a neutral color for your bedroom walls. You can always add accent colors in your bedding and artwork. 

If you're ready to get started on your custom home please call us! We'd love to work with you to design the perfect home for your family's needs. 


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