Best Colors for a Restful Bedroom

Best Colors for a Restful Bedroom

When designing your custom home one of the choices you'll get to make is the color of your bedroom walls. There are some colors that, according to psychologists, can create a calming effect.  For a good night's sleep, these are the best colors to use. 

Blue/Green hues seem to evoke a sense of calm for most people. In fact in some studies blue was shown to actually reduce heart rates. However, everyone is different and you'll need to find colors that soothe you.  

One example of a blue/green color that will provide that calming effect is Sherwin William's Hazel.  While mostly lighter greens and blues are the best for aiding in sleep, you can choose darker colors if those work better for you and your style.

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There are some colors that interior designers and pyschologists say you should avoid if you're working to create a more soothing bedroom space. Vivid colors like reds and oranges tend to make your brain think about intensity and war.  Those aren't exactly the thoughts anyone needs when trying to go to sleep!

According to this Apartment Therapy article, "... bright or neon pinks and purples may also be too stimulating when you’re winding down for sleep. And while dark grays and browns might feel earthy at first, Peacock says they can evoke feelings of uncertainty that may make sleep difficult. Listen to your body’s cues — if you’re set on creating a jewel-box space in your bedroom, you can always paint it over if you find that it doesn’t work."

If blues and greens really aren't your thing, then consider neutrals. There's absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a neutral color for your bedroom walls. You can always add accent colors in your bedding and artwork. 

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Is a Gas Fireplace Right For You?

Is a Gas Fireplace Right for you?

There are so many advantages to building a custom home. The biggest, of course, is that it's CUSTOMIZED for you and your family. Among the many options and design features to consider is a gas fireplace.  Here in Western Colorado where the temperatures stay relatively mild for much of the year, a gas fireplace has many benefits. 


1. Gas fireplaces are easy to operate. You can simply flip a switch to get heat going in the morning to take off the chill without turning on the heating system for the entire house. Many even have blowers that help circulate heat throughout your home. Since we can have low morning temps and 70-degree afternoons, a gas fireplace is a great option for just cutting the morning the chill. 

2. Gas fireplaces are clean. If you're comparing a gas fireplace to a wood-burning fireplace, there's no question that a gas fireplace is the cleaner option. Since we often have days where wood-burning fireplaces can't be used (unless they're your only source of heat) due to air quality issues, a gas fireplace makes sense. Plus there are no ashes and no need for a chimney sweep.

Living3 Is a Gas Fireplace Right for you?

3. Gas fireplaces are safer for your pets and kids. Since you aren't using wood there are no random sparks or pops coming from your fire. This means kids and dogs, who love basking in the warmth of a fire, won't accidentally get singed by a rogue spark. 

4. Gas fireplaces are more convenient. There's no having to haul or chop wood, no need to go outside when it's freezing to get more wood, and no harming the environment by chopping down a tree unnecessarily. 

5. Finally, gas fireplaces are stylish! There are so many designs now that can be incorporated into just about any style home. From modern to farmhouse we can find a great gas fireplace to fit your family's needs. 

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Benefits of a Range Hood

Range hoods are often overlooked, even in new construction homes. While they might seem like an "extra," range hoods actually provide several benefits for your kitchen and dining areas. 

First, range hoods can add style and sophistication to your kitchen. Because they come in such a variety of designs, you can find one that suits your family's design preferences. They can be dramatic and large-scale, or completely inconspicuous and designed to blend in with their surroundings. 

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Next, range hoods help to keep your kitchen cool. As steam escapes from bubbling pots on the stove it gets captured by your range hood instead of just filling up your kitchen. Range hood blowers pull hot air out of your kitchen and redirect it outside.  This makes cooking much more pleasant, especially in the summer. 

Range hoods also improve air quality.  All the airborn steam, fumes, particles, etc from cooking could fill your house.  However, with a great range hood in place with excellent filtration, all of those particles and such get sucked outside. 

A range hood provides additional lighting. In my own kitchen I prefer slightly dimmer lighting than most. The light from a range hood provides great light to cook by while keeping the rest of the space a little softer. 

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Next, range hoods help to keep your kitchen clean too. Because the powerful fan from the range hood pulls in the grease that could otherwise land everywhere in your kitchen, a range hood actually does help to keep your stove and countertops cleaner. 

Finally, a high quality range hood might even increase the value of your home. 

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New Design Trends for your Custom Home

It's no surprise that the pandemic and work from home periods have led to new design trends for your custom home. Each year new trends emerge and the past year or so has been no different. The trends, however, can very much be traced back to the past year's extra time spent at home. 

First, dedicated activity spaces are definitely trending right now. All of our floorplans for The Peaks at Redlands Mesa include dedicated office space, but this trend goes far beyond that. Consider dedicated art studios, home theaters, gyms, etc. Pricing to add these dedicated spaces can vary greatly, depending on the type of dedicated space you want to add. 

Next, getting back to nature is popular. The use of greens, for painting or even tile work, has increased this year as many look for ways to "get back to nature" in their homes. Adding more natural light and places for house plants to thrive is one way to achieve this result. It may be as simple as changing the window coverings you have or it could be more complicated, like adding a few extra windows. In any case, bringing the outside in is trending!

New Home design trends

Updated living rooms are popular too. After spending so much time in our living spaces over the past year, it's easy to see why.  Many of us realize we need new sofas, updated area rugs, and perhaps a complete change in design! This pandemic has given us all a chance to evaluate our living spaces and see how we truly use them.  For instance, we got rid of our coffee table all together in order to have more floor space for yoga and playing with our pets. 

Flexible designs are another way to add "extras" to your home without spending a ton of money.  Having a way to turn your guest room into an office space and back into a guest room easily makes for a more versatile space.  Adding a futon to your office space can be another way to accomplish this.  Creating a playroom/breakfast nook with hidden storage for toys can be a great way to do this too. 

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Finally, many homeowners are opting for luxury. Being at home more means you're imersed in all your "things" more often. Shouldn't they be things you love, things that make you feel cozy or relaxed or happy? Or all three! Opting to add a few luxury finishes, whether that's your bathroom tile, your kitchen sink, or the cashmere throw on your sofa, feels like you're opting to truly pamper yourself. In the end, making your home a place you LOVE being is one trend that should never go away! 

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Five Tips for Designing a Custom Laundry Room

Your Custom Laundry Room

When it comes to designing your custom home don't forget about those necessary but often not seen spaces like your laundry room. The laundry room is used practically every day in some homes, and it might as well be a place that is enjoyable and peaceful. 

When working with an architect or contractor on the floorplan of your home, consider where you'd like your laundry room to be. There are several considerations that might factor into your decision.  For instance, if you're sensitve to noise you might not want your laundry room close to the bedrooms. If you enjoy being able to do laundry while still hanging out with your family, having that area near the kitchen might be a great option. 

Your designer will also ask you to consider practical elements - like where existing plumbing is located. If you're building from the ground up this isn't such a big factor, but it's still easier to group items that require plumbing close together!  Speaking of, if you have the space for it, consider adding a sink to your laundry room. You'll be able to clean shoes, rinse out stains, etc. Having a utility sink comes in handy for lots of reasons, not just laundry! 


Consider adding counter space. Counter space will allow you room to fold clothes, work on stains, separate items, and have some counter storage too. 

Then, consider closed storage as well. Having room to store, well, anything, in this space is a bonus. You can store extra pantry goods here, paper goods, of course your laundry detergents too. Closed storage is also more pleasing to the eye if your laundry room is in a space others might see. 

Finally, make the space your own! A laundry room doesn't have to be boring! Add color to the walls, fun art, and a flooring that you love.  This not only makes the space look prettier, it makes it much more enjoyable for you to be in too! 

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