Project Manager

Project Manager

We are looking for a passionate, high-energy individual who is eager to contribute their professional experience managing construction projects. 

About North Peak  

Our Vision 

North Peak is both the preferred construction management firm and employer of choice throughout the Western  Region1 of the United States. Due to our high level of craftmanship we are a company that our customers want  to work with, and our employees are proud to work for. 

Our Mission 

To provide quality workmanship and customer service while maintaining the highest level of professionalism,  honesty, and fairness in our relationships with our customers, employees, and vendors. To grow by continually  providing useful and significant products, services, and solutions to markets we already serve while expanding  into new areas that build on our competencies and customer interests. 

Our Core Values 

• We recruit, hire and train exceptional, self-disciplined people who are committed to our values and our  team.  

• Employees adhere to consistent result driven systems with freedom and responsibility within the  framework of our operating systems. 

• Company growth will provide promotion opportunities for those who have demonstrated personal and  professional growth.  

All North Peak Construction employees represent the company professionally and respectfully in all  interactions with clients, subcontractors, owners, representatives, coworkers, and the community. Employees  embody an enthusiastic willingness to contribute to the goals of our growing organization.  

About the Position 

The primary responsibility of the Project Manager is to strategically plan and oversee all phases of assigned  construction projects including pre-construction, scheduling, budget, and execution to finish projects on time, in  budget and with careful attention to quality control.  

This position will work extensively with project stakeholders, business teams, subcontractors and other  internal/external partners to define and execute new projects/programs throughout their lifecycle. Our ideal  candidate will have experience at various stages of construction and development including due diligence,  budgeting, estimating, contract management, people/subcontractor management, procurement, safety training  and permitting.

Successful candidates have additional experience in construction management, architecture, engineering and  safety disciplines.  


Include but are not limited to 

▪ Monitor all project details by regularly reviewing reporting data and forecasting to ensure exceptional  quality control, budgeting and schedule management. 

▪ Monitors and manages all project expenses, purchases and invoices throughout the project and  implement creative measures for margin improvements. 

▪ Review and code all project invoices, update budgets and prepare owner billing ensuring timely  payments to vendors and submission of draw requests.  

▪ Ensure compliance with all project timeline and budget contract requirements through a thorough review  and understanding of the contract. 

▪ Oversee project schedule adjustments by adjusting the project where needed and supporting the  Superintendent with documentation and providing feedback from a thorough understanding of the full  scope of the project. 

▪ Communicate with project team regularly to share delivery timelines, project adjustments, forecasting,  sequencing and budgets. 

▪ Take ownership of overall project execution of the project including handling any delays, emergencies,  and problems that can arise. 

▪ Develop full project timeline and budget based on design, engineering, contract requirements and  forecasting details from the Superintendent. 

▪ Oversee project submittals and RFI progress ensuring continual progress and timely completion.  ▪ Manage acquisition of correct and required permits, bonds and insurance as necessary for each  individual project.  

▪ Manage relationships with owners and their representatives by providing regular communication and  cultivating an excellent customer experience. 

▪ Prepare and lead project walkthroughs with owners and/or their representatives ensuring a clean and safe  environment. 

▪ Assist in the procurement of subcontractors through review of subcontractor qualifications, review and  approval of scopes of work and assignment of responsibilities in the project planning. ▪ Support the company safety plan by highlighting safety requirements in project plans according to  project contracts and regulatory guidelines. 

▪ Create checklists and guidelines from each unique project contract and plan and oversee execution to  ensure quality control throughout the project.  

▪ Develop project turnover plans alongside the superintendent and supervise execution.  ▪ Provide technical assistance using personal experience and industry best practices to the full project  team as necessary. 

▪ Proactively and creatively resolve staff conflicts or issues as necessary and to minimize impact to the  project and/or company. 

▪ Complete and deliver employee performance evaluations. 

▪ Participate in continuing education, personal training, and professional improvement to continually  improve performance and skills.

General Qualifications 

▪ 5+ years of experience as a Project Superintendent, Construction Manager, or other construction-related  disciplines. 

▪ Experience with estimating, managing, and scheduling. 

▪ Bachelor’s degree in engineering, construction management, or comparable field. 

▪ In-depth understanding of local, state and federal construction regulations. 

▪ Experience with Microsoft Suite (Excel/Word/Outlook/PowerPoint). 

▪ Valid driver’s license and dependable transportation. 

Skillset Qualifications 

▪ Ability to interpret construction methods, contracts and drawings of projects and provide clear direction  to technical and non-technical project team members, owners and partners. 

▪ Excellent communication skills, including writing, speaking and active listening. 

▪ Great problem-solving and decision-making skills. 

▪ Excellent organizational and time management skills. 


▪ 401K Retirement Plans 

▪ Paid time off  

▪ Health Insurance  North Peak is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. North Peak is an equal opportunity employer and  does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, protected veteran status,  disability, age, or other legally protected status. For individuals with disabilities who would like to request an  accommodation, please visit

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